News Links 2-18-12

Rising Gas Prices Give GOP Issue to Attack Obama
Poll: Most Americans Think Chinese Economy Bigger Than US
Obama’s bold deficit pledge comes back to haunt him
Where Did the Buffett Rule Go?
Rick Santorum Questions Obama’s Christian Values
Haiti gov’t says president’s motorcade was attacked

GOP critics hit Obama’s $3.8 trillion budget
Obama’s irresponsible budget
President Obama’s Budgetary Delusion and the Upcoming Crisis we Face
Obama’s budget: Government still getting bigger
President Obama punts on U.S. deficit‎
CBS Dips as Revenue Misses Estimates

More Pets Died on Delta Flights in 2011, but Why?
Teachers hail Jamaica Day celebrations a success
Haitain Man Gets New Start in CT
‎Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart gets married in Hawaii

Josh Powell: 400 Graphic Sexual Images Found On His Computer TWO YEARS Before He Killed His Sons
Tougher legislation coming soon for victims of sexual violence
Will the FBI be shutting down the Internet March 8th?

Despite Safety Worries, Work on Deadly Flu to Be Released
FDA continues warnings over new diet pills

Windows 8 Logo Is Actually a Window
Google Busted With Hand in Safari-Browser Cookie Jar

Stars mourn Whitney Houston at hometown service
Whitney Houston’s Death Spikes TV Ratings
Chaplin’s real name and birthplace still a mystery, despite probe
Silent witnesses: How MI5 and the FBI spied on Charlie Chaplin

Chelsea 1-1 Birmingham, Sunderland 2-0 Arsenal
Everton’s replacement wingers send their team flying past Blackpool
Anger of parents as Manchester United roll out fifth home strip in five years
Miami Heat beats Cleveland Cavaliers
Jamaica take command against Leewards

Foreclosure bill advances in state Senate
The nation’s housing: Weighing new versus a foreclosed home

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