News Links 3-1-12

Federal judge says he sent racist Obama email
Senate Blocks GOP Bill on Contraceptives Policy
Obama’s failed energy policies
In Georgia., Rick stumps on Newt’s home turf
FBI could soon cut off Internet access to thousands
FBI Investigates Congressman Fattah’s Son
Andrew Breitbart memorialized on floor of Congress
Andrew Breitbart Dies Suddenly At Age 43

Gasoline and oil prices continue to march higher
Best US Auto Sales Streak Since ’08 Helped by Toyota
Banks rally after panel says Greek deal didn’t trigger insurance payments …
IMF urges lower ECB interest rate
Regulation Fuels 21% Surge in US Checking Fees: Javelin

More violent weather ahead for communities hit by tornadoes
Grandmother to face capital charge in girl’s death

Ohio teen charged with 3 juvenile counts of aggravated murder in school …
Sun defence editor arrested over bribery claims
Phone-hacking: Another Sun journalist arrested
Former senior Scotland Yard official struggles to explain ties to phone …
Police chief John Yates reveals string of lunches with NoW editors
John Yates and ‘those bottles of champagne’
US court approves cellphone search without warrant

Syphilis tests could save a million babies: experts
$375M health care scheme went unnoticed for years

NASA Breaches Leak ISS Control Code
Secrets of the Orion nebula
Google begins collecting users’ data across its services

Justin Bieber The $14 Million Birthday Gift
Monkees singer Davy Jones complained of trouble breathing, not feeling well …
Nicollette Sheridan Heading to Court for Desperate Housewives Showdown

Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony help Knicks rally
Report: Ward wasn’t offered a pay cut by Steelers
Cardinals, catcher Yadier Molina agree to 5-year, $75 million deal with option …
Charles Barkley critical of Jordan
Charles Barkley says some fans need to be shot

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