News Links 3-15-12

Poll: Strong disapproval with Obama on gas prices
Obama energy chief recants statement about high gas prices
Will Eric Holder Cost Obama a Second Term?
Drone strikes: Obama is acting like Bush, with Eric Holder as his Dick Cheney
Where’s outrage over Obama’s order to kill a US citizen?
‘Systematic concealment’ of key evidence in Ted Stevens investigation: Report
Report: Intentional misconduct in prosecution of Ted Stevens


Obama says there’s no ‘silver bullet’ on gas prices
Treasury 30-Year Debt Set for Biggest Weekly Drop in 31 Months
Public Exit From Goldman Raises Doubt Over a New Ethic 
Jamaica planning billion-dollar bond floats in US


Young Women Team Together for the Children of Haiti
Minister of Haitians Living Abroad to Launch Diaspora Week Celebrations


Trayvon Martin would be alive if Neighborhood Watch rules followed
Rupert Murdoch’s Son Seeks Leniency from House of Commons …
Murdoch paper ‘tried to bribe police 30 years ago’ – claim‎
Murdoch closes Australian titles‎
News Corp. rules out selling print assets


US Backs Antismoking Ad Campaign
Feds will phase out funds for Women’s Health Program


Rising sea: Millions at growing risk of flooding, reports find
Future mission to the sun is ‘a life’s dream’ for some


Lindsay Lohan’s Alleged Victim Files Police Report At Hospital, Prosecutors & Probation Officer Notified
HBO’s ‘Luck’ canceled because racing deaths unacceptable


English Premier League boss explains FIFA remark
Mancini targets Premier League after Euro exit
‎Lakers Trade Derek Fisher
Florida Panthers rout Bruins, move closer to No. 2 seed


Foreclosures Fall 8% in US With Seizure Increase Coming

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