News Links 5-7-12

Romney polling well with independents
Congress’ Intelligence Heads: Taliban Has Grown Stronger Under Obama
Bi-prtisan Agreement: Obama Wrong, Taliban Stronger
Report: Obama Secretly Releasing Taliban Fighters in Afghanistan
Obama all but concedes Afghan defeat
Congress rejects Obama’s ‘tide has turned’ claim
New French leader Hollande on collision course with EU over debt crisis
 Vladimir Putin inaugurated as Russian president amid Moscow protests

Job news bad for Obama
Romney: Obama worst for small business since Carter
April jobs report: Obama’s time grows short on the economy
Job growth slowed again in April
Happy tax day: Your tax dollars are funding the Taliban

Army: No bullet wound in Skype soldier death
Delaware group seeks to sustain Haiti relief efforts

Ford settles lawsuit over 2003 crash that left Montana man paralyzed and brain damaged…
‎‎‎Phone hacking: blind, wilful… and that’s just the select committee
Actos Side Effects Lawsuit Filed Against Takeda Pharmaceutical …
Madoff trustee now seeks $255 million from family

Cholera in Haiti shows no signs of being stamped out‎
Obesity could affect 42% of Americans by 2030

PHOTOS: Supermoon Brightens The Night Sky All Over The World
It’s a gas: dinosaur flatulence may have warmed Earth (haha)

‘Avengers’ Opening Weekend Shatters Box Office Records
Oprah Reportedly Down $330 Million
George Lindsey dies at 83; ‘The Andy Griffith Show’s’ Goober Pyle 

Manchester United legend Mark Hughes plots to spoil City’s party and secure status …
No suspects yet in Churchill Downs homicide
Cole Hamels hits Bryce Harper on purpose

Foreclosed Houses Become Homes for Indoor Marijuana Farms

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