News Links 8-31-15

Obama’s Economic Policies ‘Will Crash Economy’
Obama Falling To New Lows As Economic Confidence Continues to Decline 
Hillary, Bill Clinton report total income of $140 million since 2007
British spies trawl Ashley Madison leak for intelligence 
British government launches anti-Isis Twitter account


Wall Street’s worst month in three years ends on a sour note 
Oil jumps 8 pct, biggest 3-day surge since 1990 
Why Walmart is raising wages — and cutting hours


Exclusive: Facebook censors the mention of “Christian” or “Jesus” in paid ads
Influential Christian group In The Philippines ends rally after successful meeting with government  
Last menu from the Titanic to be sold


Clinton’s “Classified” Problem Just Got Worse
Google used patents in bad faith against Microsoft, appeals court confirms
Antitrust probe into Google moves into next phase


Texas teen dies after amoeba enters brain
New Ebola death in Sierra Leone sets back efforts to beat epidemic
“Healthy Happy Meal” bill targets childhood obesity


Double black hole is powering quasar, astronomers find

Apple and Cisco team up to sell to businesses


Parents Television Council criticizes MTV VMAs broadcast
Hulk Hogan breaks silence on racist rant  

WWE Refuses to Reinstate Hulk Hogan After Tearful Plea for Forgiveness
Netflix Is Dumping Anti-Virus, Presages Death Of An Industry


West Ham pull plug on Javier Hernandez deal after striker demands £90000 per goal 
Man United, Chelsea and Liverpool lose as smaller clubs impress 
Arsene Wenger praises efficient Arsenal
Serena Williams Wouldn’t Change a Thing About Her Career


‘Shame Campaign’ looks to change foreclosure practices

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