Police Chase 24-Year-Old Drunk Driver Down Airport Runway After He Drives Through Security Gates (Video)

Well, somebody had too much to drink. 24-year-old Philadelphia man, Kenneth Mazik, got drunk and drove down the runway at Philadelphia International Airport in Pennsylvania.

Kenneth Mazik

He led police on a wild goose chase, which ended in his arrest. Drunk Mazik crashed through gates, then sat on the tarmac in his SUV waiting for a plane to land. Apparently someone has never heard of the parking lot.

1 Dead And 4 Wounded As Bullied Student Opens Fire At Ohio High School (Video)

An allegedly bullied teen in Ohio, opened fired in the cafeteria of his school, leaving 1 dead and 4 wounded. The assailant has been informally identified as T.J. Lane. The slain student has been identified as Daniel Parmetor.

Lane is in police custody in connection with the shooting spree. He is said to be into the Goth movement, which embraces satanism and demonic rock music, as seen in the Columbine school shooting.

POLICE: Underage High School Teens Photos Ended Up On Porn Site Without Permission Or Their Knowledge (Video)

17 Massachusetts underage teens from Bay Path Vocational Technical School had the horrible experience of their Facebook photos being stolen and placed on a adult and child porn website. The school’s faculty notified the students and contacted the police.

Dead Woman’s Body Found On Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham Estate (Video)

Police in England are investigating the case of a dead body discovered on Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham estate in the English countryside. Each year, the Queen spends Christmas on the estate in Norfolk with the rest of the royal family. The dead body was discovered on New Year’s Day and is of a decomposed female that was said to be there for quite some time.

It was a tumultous holiday for the royal family, as Prince Philip took ill days before Christmas and was hospitalized with chest pains, requiring the insertion of a stent to open arteries supplying blood to his heart. He was released from the hospital a few days after Christmas.